• [11/13/2021]
    Looking back, I published a small run of North Barrens Drifter in print. Currently, I’ve been writing Shade of Honor throughout the plague of COVID and as a bit of a fan of Wickedmama, a dedicated PvP player with the distinguished Bloodthirsty achievement (250,000 kills). The story is about a third complete and I have the basic plot points, just need to block out the dialog. Looking forward I’m torn whether to write Lightwar – I’ve been told by several to totally do it and it is a guilty pleasure to write a conspiracy theory story for Warcraft. The other story in the works is an origin tale set in Pandaria of my villain Xiaoyin Xu.
  • [03-04/2020]
    Consistently moving the story North Barrens Drifter along and looking like it will be ready for a very small print run in May 2020. Going to roll back into Shade of Honor which is in two sections: the origin story and the ‘present’ pre-Legion mission. Not sure if I’ll do Hope’s Eclipse or possibly make that a “short” story (as if I’ve ever been able to make a normal length comic book) of 16-24 pages. That will close the Ironwolf Clan Series.
  • [02/2020]
    Things have been steadily improving and I’ve restarted work on North Barrens Drifter. I’m going to try to get 1-2 pages a week done which means it’ll be time for a new story around late March. I’ll probably open that up to a poll to see where the community would like to go next:

    • Ironwolf Clan adventures
      • Hope’s Eclipse – set in the Wrath of the Lich King era. A trauma-scarred Tauren warrior must find new faith to overcome a fallen hero-turned-death knight and bring balance to the Taun’ke.
      • Shade of Honor – Wickedmama takes her leave of absence on a discreet mission for Sylvanas searching for clues of a vrykul priesthood and meaning in existence. Are the undead more than Forsaken?
    • Gnomebility (G4 adventures)
      • What’s Lies Inside – it began in a small toystore and the lure of technological wonders, now the story continues as G4 pursues clues from the Wonder Works to the land of Mechagon. As Mekkatorque’s life support begins to fade, G4 stands tall to save gnomekind – mechanized and organic.
    • Whisperer in the Wilds 
      • Rang-Si Rhi is eager to see more of Pandaria than behind a desk in the Shado Pan Monastery. When a gang-related murder takes down the local deputy, Rhi and his partner Som get the opportunity he’s been itching for – along with some good pho and beer. Rhi quickly finds that good food will have to wait when rumors of the sha and worse linger with the local legends.
    • Children’s Book (neutral faction)
      • A Pandaren ABC book for little adventurers on a quest from A to Z.
  • [01/2020]
    Just to follow up on that state of things RL issues have kept me from making any meaningful progress in storywriting. Sparing you the gory details, things went downhill from my last update and 2019 was the worst year of my life. In addition to losing my mother, I had a traumatic experience which left me with non-combat PTSD. Strangely, many people were less than empathetic going so far as demanding updates on comics which featured their character despite knowing some of the details of the situation.
    I pretty much shut down at that point cutting off all social media and shuttering the site to determine what I wanted to do. I’ve recently reopened it due to some renewed interest in Warcraft comics in the community.
    From here on out, we’ll see – maybe I can get those stories finished. For now, it’s taking it one day at a time.
  • [12/2018]
    You may have noticed around the fall of 2018, my comic work ground to a halt. Unfortunately, my wife has had some health complications that I need to spend more time IRL on. In pursuing that, there’s very little time to work on comics. I’m leaving the site up for those who enjoy Warcraft-related stories, especially those based on real player’s characters. Until next time…