Recipe: Lower Carb Pecan Pie


I made a personal decision to live a low carb lifestyle back in 2001. My father struggled with Diabetes and my mother and her family with cancer. Both of those had ties to a high sugar, low exercise life. A lot has changed since then in terms of food offerings and you don’t have to live without sweets.

Dark chocolate gives the crust a coffee-like, smoky savor that pairs with the sweet, nutty pecan filling. If you’re not a coffee or (gasp) chocolate fan, you can remove those ingredients.


Adding up everything as Net Carbs (meaning Carbohydrates – Fiber & Sugar Alcohols), the entire pie is 182.5g Carbs. Cutting the pie into 8 slices, that about 22.8 carbs a slice. You can certainly bring the carbs down a bit more by removing the chocolate and cutting the amount of Pecans from 3 cups to 2 (doing both of those cuts it to 152 total and 19 a slice).

You might balk 19 carbs?! Consider that a typical piece of Pecan pie is over THREE TIMES that at  64g carbs or more. This is not for people on Induction Phase of Atkins (which is what everyone thinks of when mentioning a low carb diet – aka eating bacon and meat). This is low carb and low glycemic and should fit it well with any low carb diet where you can fit 19-22 carbs into your daily total without going crazy. It’s also good for people who want to cut down on their sugar intake and aren’t concerned about carbs as much.

Please Note:

This recipe does contain products with soy. If you have any allergies, please check the ingredients.


I’ve linked the low carb ingredients – they’re what I use and not some sponsored crap.
Here are some links to the tools I use to make this – you don’t have to use them, just FYI:


Crust Directions:
  • Preheat your oven to 375
  • Mix the Carbalose Flour, Poly-D, Cacao, Splenda and salt in a large bowl for about 2 minutes on low. You want to get everything mixed together to avoid clumping or separation.
  • Using two spoons or paddle spatulas, break the shortening into small clumps and drop in.
    They should be ideally the size of a pea (1/4″) – it just helps mix the fat and dry ingredients which is essential for a good crust
  • Mix the combined shortening and dry ingredients with a bread hook attachment
  • Slowly drip the cold water or espresso in
  • Allow it to continue mixing (for at least 2-3 minutes) until it sticks to itself in large clumps or a ball of dough
  • If you need to add a bit more water or shortening do so SPARINGLY.
  • Get a sheet of parchment or wax paper and dump the dough onto it.
  • Get another sheet of parchment/wax paper and begin to press it into roughly a round shape. Roll it down to about 3/8-1/4 inch thick depending on how you like your crust. Remember that you need it to be about 4″ wider than your pie plate (so an 9″ pie plate should be 13″ across to cover the walls and roll back the crust edge). If you have extra dough, you can put it in a zip lock bag or just bake the remainder as crisp cookies.
  •  Once you have it flat, lay the pie plate on top, reach underneath the bottom wax paper/parchment and flip. Now you can gently press the pie into the pie plate.
  •  If you have pie weights pour them in over top of the crust otherwise use a fork and prick the bottom so it won’t puff up as you pre-bake the shell. If you have parchment (you CANNOT use wax paper) line the dough and pour the pie weights on top. It’s easier to remove them)
  • Bake in the oven at 375 for 20 minutes

Filling Ingredients:

Filling Directions:
  • Mix Poly-D, Splenda, salt, together first to avoid clumping or separation
  • Beat in eggs, vanilla extract, and the syrups
  • Allow the melted butter to cool down a bit and WHILE MIXING,
    SLOWLY pour the melted butter along the edge of the bowl so it doesn’t cook the eggs
    (It’s ok if the butter begins to solidify while you are waiting for the pie crust to finish pre-baking)

Baking the Pie:

  • Once the pie shell is finished, take it out and remove any pie weights or parchment
  • Lower the oven to 300
  • Pour the filling into the pie crust and bake at 300 for 45-60 minutes or until the top is starting to crack.