Shado Watch:Whisperer in the Wilds


The Wanderer’s festival is normally a time of celebration and delight, esteeming that wanderlust we share. “What lies beyond? A question whose allure is as seductive as a carefully crafted brew and can draw a Pandaren into heights of new experiences…or horrors.

For most Shado Pan they patrol the western wall and ensure the balance is maintained. Except for the NHB (Ministry of Inner Peace*), a division of warrior monks dedicated to maintaining order within Pandaria. Two Jin-Tahn (detectives) investigate concerns of a gang war near Zhudyosai. However, a string of ghastly murders hints at something far more sinister fermenting than overpriced, watered down beer.

* The NHB investigates various internal concerns of the Shado Pan and helps ensure tranquility prevails in Pandaria. They stand fast to their mission to promote “inner peace can calm any storm” but are quick to dispatch threats with force when necessary.


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