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Welcome to Greywolf Comics & Media. You’ll find finished and current World of Warcraft graphic novels, comics, and other Warcraft-specific works I’ve created (Click on a tile to go to that page).

If you want a physical, professionally printed copy of Wonder Works, email me (grimsparkle at gmail dot com) as I have a few left – they’re glossy coated, full color, perfect-bound, signed, numbered and sealed in a plastic envelope.

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Latest Comic (UPDATED WEEKLY) SHADE OF HONOR:Pg 20, Pg 21, Pg 22

Forsaken, Shadow Priest, Librophile and Kaffa afficionado… Wickedmama, formerly Lilith Von Schtupp, sets out on a mission for Sylvanas to Stormheim in search of a relic that will leverage an audience with Helya. Agent of the Horde or pawn in a greater game?
Set at the end of the Burning Crusade, a lone orc soldier finds honor when the Burning Blade oppresses a small outpost town.
Volume1_SOTL 105 pages, color graphic novel – The story that started it all. Set in the aftermath of the Siege of Orgrimmar, the Ironwolf Clan is recalled from Ashran to stop a threat from within the Horde. Will the Ironwolves stop the Fourth War or help start it? Set during between 6.2 -7.0 pre-event.
Volume1_origins 40 pages, color. The origin story of the Ironwolf Clan and their Guildmaster’s birth – set in verse.
Volume3_wonder_works 170 pages, color. Largest fan-made Warcraft comic. A tale so tall it takes TWO epic guilds to tell it.     A Pandaren Warlock seeks an artifact thought to be lost from a place that doesn’t, or shouldn’t exist – a goblin and gnome amusement park. Will Ironwolf Clan and Gnomeregan Forever be able to put aside their differences to save Azeroth from the Legion? Special guest appearance by Songhammer as Kul Tiran shamans of song (because Rock is an element).
Volume4_TRIAL A Tauren ready to take his first strides as an aspiring druid must prove himself after a ritual vision. A wolf, bound for destruction, threatens to be swallowed up along with all the land in bloodshed unless it can be rescued. Set in the pre-Vanilla era – the origin story of Akishanya later called “Rallys”, Guldanna, and founding of the guild called Ironwolf Clan.
ZUGGY 16 page children’s book about what strength is.
JMM_LINK_BOX 16 page children’s book about a young human girl and her murloc friend.


The Ironwolf Clan is a Horde guild based out of Bleeding Hollow-US and has a colorful and proud history spanning almost a decade. Follow their adventures, based on actual players, in stories set during Warcraft III, Warlords of Draenor, Legion, Burning Crusade, and Wrath of the Lich King.


Made for smaller adventures with your little cub, Little Paws Adventures are great for bedtime, basic reading, or just spending time together.


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